Litigation Appraisal Services

Civil litigation is ever growing and evolving. Finding an experienced real estate professional – a real estate broker, contractor, escrow agent, home inspector, appraiser, title examiner or mortgage broker can be difficult. Priority Appraisal is your best source for highly-qualified, independent litigation appraiser.

The Litigation Appraiser

Our appraisal expert witness and litigation-support providers conduct in-depth analyses and provide objective opinions and advice that help resolve complex appraisal and valuation issues. We advise client counsel in the preparation of appraisal related discovery, appraiser expert challenges, and appraisal and appraiser compliance with state and federal regulations, and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Other areas that require specialized expert appraisals include: construction defects, trust and probate, stigma loss, eminent domain, temporary construction easements, water intrusion, mold, airport noise, inverse condemnation, regulatory takings, missed easements (title companies), fire, earthquake, and flood losses, business and intangible assets, good will valuations, ad valorem (tax), soil subsidence, contaminated property, tenant disputes (leasehold and leased fee estates), partitionment (termination of partnerships, marriages, etc.), partial interest appraisals, removal of lateral support, bankruptcy (“Fair” Value), gift appraisals for donations to charities or state parks, etc.