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This is the official YouTube channel for the National Association of Appraisers (NAA). The purpose of the National Association of Appraisers (NAA) is to: Unite those engaged in the appraisal profession for the purpose of exerting a beneficial influence upon the profession and to advocate appraiser interests, promote member awareness through education and information services, provide services as may be beneficial to the membership at a reasonable fee structure, and promote high standards of conduct of members.

The Appraisal Update

with Bryan Reynolds

The Appraisal Update is the official podcast of Appraiser eLearning. Join us every week to get an update, a single scenario, a point to ponder – something to consider for your appraisal practice today.

Interest Rates & Mortgage Calculators

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Research current US Mortgage Rates and trends and then use our online Mortgage Calculator app to estimate your loan amount, interest rate, term or monthly payment with confidence.

The Appraiser Coach

with Dustin Harris

Dustin Harris is "THE APPRAISER COACH!" As a mentor, Dustin works with other appraisal business owners to do with their office exactly what he did with his. Investing in yourself, your office, and your future has never been easier. Dustin has helped many appraisers to become successful and wealthy entrepreneurs. No matter your current status, or the present state of your business, The Appraiser Coach can help you achieve even more.

Mad Skills

ordinary to ex·traor·di·nar·y

We know that turnaround time is always a plus these days. So, the logical place to save time is in our daily workflow. The appraisers that have always invested in new technology have been the ones able to use their time more effectively and bring their customers more accurate reports, better customer service and faster turnaround times.

We aim to reduce waiting between communications since the speed at which we get things done directly effects your bottom-line.

We spend quite a bit of time collecting both specific information about the subject property and general data about the local market and developing trends. Instead of using paper forms and pencils and then re-keying all the information back at the office, don't be surprised to see us with a tablet PC or collecting data using an app developed for our phones that even lets us sketch a floorplan right on site. Rather than using that clumsy outdated tape measure, more and more appraisers are utilizing accurate laser measuring devices that also help measure hard to access areas.

We combine all of these different technologies to ensure that your final report is comprehensive and conclusive, requiring fewer call-backs and revisions. Our goal is to save you time and money.

Proven Results

with a little help

Client Satisfaction 99%
Turn-Time (≤ 2 Days) 72%
Turn-Time (≤ 5 Days) 84%
Turn-Time (≤ 7 Days) 97%
Revisions 3%

Great New Features

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Here at Priority Appraisal we always try to be on the forefront of the appraisal profession. We put quality first and we know that that our customers appreciate it.
Our online knowledgebase assists our customers in better understanding the appraisal process. An educated and informed customer allows for a better overall customer experience, and allows us to spend more time writing more accurate reports with faster turnaround times.

How To Prepare

Most appraisers agree on the importance of keeping the look, feel and condition of the property as updated and cared-for as possible. To best prep for your appraisal, you should become familiar with the appraisal process so you know what to expect so you can prepare your home accordingly. Click here for a list of documents needed by the appraisers and some additional inspection tips.

What is USPAP?

Every appraiser is charged with knowing and following USPAP, usually by operation of state law, and must complete Continuing Education periodically to relearn the basics and become familiar with new Advisory Opinions and annual changes to USPAP. USPAP may be considered the Bible of appraisal practice. Click here to learn more.

Appraiser Jargon

Have you heard an appraiser use any of these terms? Did you just hear one of our appraisers use it and you came here to figure out what it meant? We don't mean to speak a foreign language, but any profession has its jargon. What res ipsa loquitur is to a lawyer and triple witching is to day traders, external obsolescence is to appraisers. Click here for some examples of common appraiser jargon and their meanings.

Appraisal Myths

If what you know about appraisals comes from television, you may have some misguided notions about what goes on in a practicing appraiser's office. Make sure you know the reality instead of the myths. Click here to read a discusses regarding myths and realities as it relates to real estate appraisals and appraisers.

Mortgage & Appraisal Fraud

The overstated value obtained through Appraisal Fraud is commonly used to: Help a seller get a better price than the market would warrant. Help a buyer get financing because the mortgage amount could be much less than the appraised value of the home. Help a homeowner get a preferable refinance, or home equity loan. Click here to learn more about mortgage and appraisal fraud.

Real Estate Glossary

Real Estate Glossary and terms for real estate, mortgage and other definitions for homebuyers and sellers. Click here for view our comprehensive online glossary.

Our Services

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When you're looking for a real estate appraiser, property tax agent, or a home measurement
specialist, your search should start and end here at Priority Appraisal.

Real Estate Appraisals

We can help!

Our appraisers provide valuation and consulting services for all residential property types including land, multi-family, and special-use properties in the Phoenix (Arizona) geographic areas. Our clients have included various financial institutions, law and accounting firms, private and public agencies, investment firms, real estate agents and brokers, and the general public.

Property Tax Appeals

We can help!

Chances are good that you are paying more in property taxes than you should and a well supported appeal can help reduce your property tax bill.  Real Property Tax Appeal Services are performed by our own consultants who are also certified appraisers. These experts work on behalf of the client and are experienced in performing annual assessment reviews, to assist you in you tax appeal case with the local tax assessors and assessment boards.

Measurement Services

We can help!

Size matters! Size is the primary factor used by real estate professionals when determining the value of a property. We provide accurate home measuring, square footage calculations and floor plan drawing services for realtors and individuals who are selling their homes. If size matters, then you may be leaving money on the table or you may be overpriced. Stand behind your numbers with confidence and peace of mind.

Consulting & Education

We can help!

Our appraisers can provide our clients (lenders real estate brokers and attorneys) with valuable and meaningful training regarding appraisals, market conditions, inspections, etc which will enhance your overall knowledgebase as a real estate practitioner.  Our appraisers also service as appraisal licensing and continuing education instructors for multiple course providers across the country.

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