Meet Whitney "Blair" Dingeman, SRA, MNAA

Owners & Chief Appraiser



About Whitney

our fearless leader

Whitney "Blair" Dingeman is a experienced appraiser with over 20 years in the residential appraisal business. Blair is currently a designated member with the National Association of Appraisers and the Appraisal Institute. She specializes in "exceptional homes", appraisal reviews and income producing single and multi-family properties.

  1. MNAA - National Association of Appraisers
  2. SRA - Appraisal Institute

Short Bio About Blair

I started in the Appraisal Industry in 1992, working at a small appraisal company in Michigan as the office manager. The company grew to one of the largest in Michigan, completing more than 2,000 appraisals per month.

In 2001, with encouragement from the owner's, I decided to work towards my appraiser's license which I earned in 2003 in Michigan.

In 2003, I moved to Arizona with my family and started my own appraisal company and followed a similar and successful business plan. In 5 short years, Priority Appraisal grew to be one of the most recognized and respected appraisal firms in the Valley.